‘The Grief Series’ Artworks

The Grief Series is a sequence of seven highly acclaimed projects by Leeds-based artist and performance maker, Ellie Harrison. Using a seven stage Grief Model from psychology as a starting point, each installment is a collaboration with another artist working in a different field including performance, photography, installation and sculpture. The Grief Series is becoming more interactive and participatory as it continues, with audiences being engaged as participants and even co-creators of the work. Informed by rigorous research with academics, clinicians and the public, the series aims to create safe spaces where notions of grief and bereavement can be discussed and expressed openly through a range of empowering creative practice.

Ellie’s work has toured internationally and gained national press attention. She has been invited to speak on Radio 4 Women’s Hour and included in Lynn Gardner’s theatre pick of the year. Her work is often characterised by a playful and provocative approach to different topics, encouraging audiences to make decisions and participate.

We are collaborating with Ellie on two aspects of her work. Firstly, with Ellie we are thinking about spaces of death and dying, and where the memories of dead loved ones live. This thinking will inform ‘Part 6’ of the Grief Series, to be launched in 2018.

Secondly, we are planning a conference to be held in spring 2018 which will combine artistic performance with academic research, and will draw together academics, artists, policy professionals, charities, medical practitioners and the general public, to consider dying in past and present. This will be an innovative conference which explores how those from different sectors and backgrounds can collaborate on the subject of death and dying.

For more information on the Grief Series you can visit Ellie Harrison’s website.

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