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'The Grief Series' Artworks

The Grief Series is a sequence of seven highly acclaimed projects by Leeds-based artist and performance maker, Ellie Harrison. Using a seven stage grief model from psychology as a starting point, each instalment is a collaboration with another artist working in a different field including performance, photography, installation and sculpture. Informed by rigorous research with academics, clinicians and the public, the series aims to create safe spaces where notions of grief and bereavement can be discussed and expressed openly through a range of empowering creative practice.

We have a long-term relationship with the Grief Series. With Ellie, we asked where the memories of dead loved ones live, as part of 'Part 6' of the Grief Series, 'Journey with Absent Friends', which you can explore via an online map. We have run a number of events together, including two conferences 'The Senses and Spaces of Death, Dying and Remembering' (2018) and 'Remembering the dead: artist-academic collaborations' (2019). We also published an article about our work together, in History Workshop Journal.