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Project Partners

Family Historians

With our group of fifteen family historians we learnt about genealogical methods and thinking about new ways to do research into our family’s past. As a group we are considering why family history is important, what it means to us, and what we can learn from it.
You can find out more about our activities and discoveries here.


University of Leeds Special Collections

We worked with Special Collections in the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds, to research the Leeds General Cemetery collections. The Burial Registers provide a detailed record of interments at the site between 1835 and 1969, and we are helping to research and collect information to shed more light on this fascinating collection.
You can find out more about Leeds General Cemetery and the University of Leeds Special Collections here.


Abbey House Museum

Our ‘Remembrance’ exhibition took place at the Abbey House Museum, Leeds, in 2018. In this exhibition we reflected on remembrance from 1900 to the present day using objects, stories, audio, film, and even smells. Abbey House Museum is a fun, family-friendly and interactive museum, where you can walk around Victorian streets and visit temporary exhibitions.
You can find out more about the museum and our plans for the 'Remembrance' exhibition here.


The Grief Series

We have worked with the Grief Series on a number of collaborative projects, most notably 'Journey with Absent Friends'. This artwork took the form of a caravan, which toured in 2018, and asked where the memory of the dead live. This was part six of the Grief Series. Led by Ellie Harrison, the series aims to create safe spaces where notions of grief and bereavement can be discussed and expressed openly through a range of empowering creative practice.
You can find out more about our work with Ellie here.


Dying Matters

The Dying Matters Partnership believes that we need to demystify death, dying and bereavement so that it is no longer a taboo subject. They organise a wide range of events and produce resources. Dying Matters Leeds is led by Leeds City Council and funded by the NHS through the Leeds CCGs . It works in partnership with a number of organisations including Leeds Bereavement Forum.
You can find out more about Dying Matters Leeds and our work with them here.